On-street Parking: Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed the parking meters have been removed from the downtown, where should I pay for parking?

As of September 23, 2019 parking meters will be replaced with 27 pay stations with pay-by-plate technology. The accessible pay stations will be located in central locations near each on-street parking area.

How can I pay for parking? Can I still use coins?

The new pay stations provide more payment options than ever before, including coins, credit, debit or tap. Patrons can also continue to pay for parking through the HotSpot Parking app on their mobile device.

Some of the downtown parking meters have been removed and others have not, where should I pay?

There will be a transition period while meters are being removed and pay stations are being put into service. Parking patrons are asked to pay at the meter where they are available. If the parking meter has already been removed please pay at the nearest pay station with your licence plate number.

How will I know where I can park on the street now that the meters are gone?

Signs will mark where on-street parking begins and ends. By not defining set spots, we will gain extra parking spots where there wasn’t originally a meter but there is enough space for an additional vehicle. This is common practice in larger cities as markings on the curb or pavement would not be visible during winter months and are not cost efficient. 

How do I find out which Zone I am parked in?

The parking zone will be noted on signage in the on-street parking area and at the pay station. On-street parking will be divided into two zones; one zone for Elm Street on-street parking and one zone for all other downtown on-street parking. As long as you still have time left in a parking session, you can move your vehicle to another parking spot within the same zone.

Who do I call if the pay station isn’t working?

If the pay station isn’t working properly, please call 311 to let us know. You will need to provide the location of the pay station.

Will the recent changes affect how I pay to park in a municipal parking lot?

No changes are being made to parking in municipal lots at this time. Continue to pay for parking at the pay station in the lot and display your ticket or pay through the HotSpot Parking app on your mobile phone.

How will the enforcement officer know I have paid for parking?

Parking enforcement officers have technology to scan your licence plate and will be able to tell if a payment has been made for your licence plate.

How can I extend my parking session after the maximum allotted time?

You will not be able to add time after you have reached the maximum allotted time in a specific zone. If you anticipate that you may need parking for longer than the 3 hour or 1 hour maximum (depending on the zone) you should park in a municipal parking lot where there is no maximum amount of time enforced.

How do you expect older adults or people with disabilities to get to the pay stations?

Anyone with a valid Ministry of Transportation accessible parking permit can park for up to four hours for free at municipal on-street parking locations and in Pay and Display lots. In addition, each new pay station is set to replace eight to ten parking meters to ensure a walkable distance from each meter.

Why is this change being made now?

The update from parking meters to pay stations will make parking downtown more convenient for all residents and visitors. The new pay stations accept more payment methods than ever before and decrease the need to navigate around snow banks during the winter months. Licence plate recognition technology also creates efficiencies in City processes and ensures increased accuracy in enforcement.

I’d like to provide feedback on the changes who can I contact?

We’d like to hear from you. If you have feedback on the changes to the on-street parking please give us a call at 311 or email us at bylaw@greatersudbury.ca.