Stephen Street

The City of Greater Sudbury will be completing New Sidewalk Installation on the east 
side of Stephen Street, Sudbury, between Southview Drive and Robinson Drive.

Construction by the City’s contractor, Interpaving Limited, will begin August 2021 
and will be completed by September 2021, weather permitting.

Why is this sidewalk being built?
The City of Greater Sudbury is actively working towards becoming a more pedestrian 
friendly community.  Each year, the City receives a number of requests for sidewalks 
to be installed throughout the City.  In 2017, the City developed a comprehensive and 
objective tool, the Sidewalk Priority Index, to prioritize locations where sidewalks 
should be installed, based on a variety of factors, including road classification, 
speed, and volume, proximity to parks and schools, and number of pedestrian collisions.
In 2020, the école publique Héléne-Gravel school site was redeveloped to incorporate 
a sidewalk across the front of the school.  The City will be extending the sidewalk 
to complete this pedestrian link between Southview Drive and Robinson Drive.

Project Manager:
Kevin Reynish
705-674-4455, extension 3613