Special Needs Inclusion

Special Needs Inclusion

Licensed child care centres, homes, and before and after school programs in Greater Sudbury welcome all children.

Children with special needs (including those with autism, delayed development, physical disabilities and medical conditions) are integrated with other children their age. Registered Early Childhood Educators have training and experience working with children with a wide range of developmental and medical needs.

Inclusion Support

Child and Community Resources (CCR) is funded to support licensed child care centres to provide the best possible care for children with special needs. If the centre requires additional resources to accommodate a child with special needs, CCR and the centre can arrange for this so these costs aren’t passed on to you.

Contact Children Services for more information.

Finding Child Care for Children with Special Needs

Finding child care can be challenging for any family. For those who have a child with special needs, it may take longer. Begin looking for child care early.

  • Apply for child care through the Child Care Registry.
  • Include any information about your child’s needs you feel comfortable sharing, especially if you think he or she will require extra help. This will allow the child care centre to better plan for your child’s placement.

If you’re having trouble finding child care that meets your child’s needs, contact Children Services for assistance.

Additional Resources

If you require additional services for your child contact the Children's Community Network (CCN) at 705-566-3416. They can guide you to community services for children with special needs.