Families in Greater Sudbury Paying Lower Fees for Child Care

Nov 24, 2022

On March 28, 2022, the Province of Ontario signed the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) agreement with the Government of Canada. The agreement lowers child-care fees for parents and creates thousands of new licensed child-care spaces in the province.

One hundred per cent of the licensed home and centre-based child-care providers in Greater Sudbury have opted to participate in the CWELCC system. 

“The Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care agreement supports affordable, accessible, high-quality child care for families in our community and across the country,” said Greater Sudbury Mayor Paul Lefebvre. “Greater Sudbury child-care operators have been advocating for these changes and parents welcome them. I am so pleased to see that every one of our local providers has opted into this program that supports learning and makes life more affordable for our families.”

Families with a child five years old and younger in a licensed child-care setting will see fees reduced by approximately 50 per cent beginning in January 2023. Many families have already received rebates for 2022 fees. The CWELCC plan provides another reduction in child-care fees in September 2024, and a final reduction to $10-a-day child care, on average, by September 2025.  

Families receiving a fee subsidy will also see reductions to their contributions for child care. CWELCC will provide additional support for children with various vulnerabilities and special needs.

The City is working with child-care operators and community colleges to attract more Early Childhood Educators and open more licensed spaces, so more families can benefit from affordable, quality child care. Families looking to find a child-care space or get help with the cost of child care can visit www.greatersudbury.ca/live/child-care-and-early-learning/.

For more information about the CWELCC agreement, visit www.ontario.ca/page/canada-ontario-early-years-and-child-care-agreement.