Protect Your Water Meter from Freezing

Feb 12, 2015

For Immediate Release                                            
Thursday, February 12, 2015

The City of Greater Sudbury reminds residents that due to the recent cold temperatures, we have been responding to a large number of calls from citizens who have no or low water pressure. The majority of these calls are caused by insufficient heat in the area around the water meter and where water plumbing is located inside the home.

Homeowners are responsible for the safekeeping and care of their water meter. This includes taking steps to ensure that your water meter does not freeze during the winter. Homeowners may be held responsible for the cost of replacing the water meter if damage is the result of improper care.
If you require information to protect your water meter from freezing, please contact the City of Greater Sudbury at 3-1-1. Or visit our website at