Greater Sudbury Public Library Board


The Greater Sudbury Public Library Board is responsible for the governance of the Greater Sudbury Public Library, a system of 13 library branches serving the City of Greater Sudbury. The Board is constituted as a corporation and is governed by the provisions of the Public Libraries Act (R.S.O 1900, c. P44). There is an operating agreement already in place, which is in the process of being renegotiated to clarify or redefine responsibilities.

The purpose of the Board is to provide public library services to the residents of Greater Sudbury as set out in the Public Libraries Act and as further defined by the Greater Sudbury Public Library (GSPL) Strategic Plan, Board policies, City of Greater Sudbury Council By-laws and Regulations and all other applicable legislation.

The Board’s objective is to provide a comprehensive, efficient, accountable and affordable public library service in keeping with its mission and vision to reflect the unique needs of the people of Greater Sudbury


The Board consists of nine members, duly appointed by the Council of the City of Greater Sudbury, one of whom will be a representative of Council.


Responsibilities of the Board include the following:

  • Policies: Determine and adopt written policies to govern the operation of the library.
  • Strategic Planning: Formulate the strategic goals of the library and approve plans for meeting these goals. Provide feedback on expected outcomes.
  • Advocacy: Establish, support and participate in planned programs to meet community needs.
  • Funding: Recommend to Council the Library’s annual operating budget and capital forecast and seek diversified sources of revenue such as grants and fundraising to support library services.
  • Reporting: Ensure accurate public records are kept with appropriate local, provincial and national bodies. Be legally responsible for the Library to Council through sound fiscal management and providing an annual financial audit. Report to governing officials and the public. Evaluate the performance of the library on an annual basis.
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Evaluation: Evaluate the CEO’s performance annually. Provide feedback and establish mutually agreed upon goals and objectives.

Time Commitment

The Board meets every third Thursday of the month for approximately two hours from September to June. Additional ad-hoc meetings and committee meetings may be scheduled in addition to regular meetings