Greater Sudbury Police Services Board


The Greater Sudbury Police Services Board (GSPSB) is responsible for the provision of adequate and effective police services within the City of Greater Sudbury and provides governance and oversight to the Greater Sudbury Police Service.


The Board is made up of five civilian members:

  • two Provincial appointees,
  • two Municipal Council appointees, and
  • one member of the community as appointed by Council.


  • Determine, after consultation with the Chief of Police, objectives and priorities with respect to police services in the municipality.
  • Establish policies for the effective management of the police force.
  • Recruit and appoint the Chief of Police and any Deputy Chief of Police, and annually determine their remuneration and working conditions, taking their submissions into account.
  • Direct the Chief of Police and monitor their performance,
  • Establish policies respecting the disclosure by Chiefs of Police of personal information about individuals.
  • Receive regular reports from the Chief of Police on disclosures and decisions made under section 49 (secondary activities) of the Police Services Act of Ontario.
  • Establish guidelines with respect to the indemnification of members of the police force for legal costs under section 50 of the Police Services Act.
  • Establish guidelines for dealing with complaints made under Part V of the Police Services Act.
  • Review the Chief of Police's administration of the complaints system under Part V of the Police Services Act and receive regular reports from the Chief of Police on their administration of the complaints system

Time Commitment

  • The Police Services Act states that the Police Services Board must hold a minimum of four meetings a year.
  • The GSPSB holds at least 10 meetings a year. They break for July and August.
  • Special meetings are added as needed to discuss budgetary items and other matters.
  • Meetings are scheduled for three hours and include an in-camera and public portion, once a month.
  • Meetings may run longer than scheduled.
  • Events as scheduled (member awards, volunteer gala, member recognition and more).
  • There are four conferences a year that the Board traditionally attends: the Police Association of Ontario Conference (usually in January or February), the Ontario Association of Police Services Boards conferences (spring and fall), and the Canadian Association of Police Governance conference (late summer/early fall). These are optional, but are encouraged for networking.
  • If elected Chair, there are additional time commitments:
    • A review meeting with Board and Service staff prior to the scheduled Board meeting.
    • Special meetings as required with the Chief and staff.


  • Board members must be reachable by phone and email.
  • Should members not have a phone or computer to facilitate Board work, these items will be provided to them by the Service.
  • If items are provided by the Service, they are bound by the usage terms of the Greater Sudbury Police Service.