Flour Mill Business Improvement Area


Chapter 37 of the City of Sudbury Municipal Code authorized the establishment of a Board of Management for the Flour Mill Business Improvement Area (BIA) of the former City of Sudbury.

The Board is entrusted with promotion of the BIA as a business or shopping area and, as well, the right to improve, beautify, and maintain municipally-owned lands, buildings and structures in the Area which will assist such promotion beyond such improvement, beautification and maintenance as would normally be provided by the City.


The Board of Management is made up of seven (7) members consisting of one (1) Member of Council and six (6) individuals qualified to be elected as Members of Council assessed for business assessment in the Business Improvement Area or nominees of a corporation assessed for business assessment. Council may exercise its discretion and appoint more citizens.


The term coincides with the term of Council or until successors are appointed.