Community-led Construction Projects Guide

Community-led Construction Projects Guide

The City of Greater Sudbury believes that, as community groups, you know your city best. As you work to meet the needs and wants of residents, the City is here to support you to achieve positive change.

If you have an idea for a new project or enhancement to an existing City space, we can help you through the process. Together we can see Sudburians empowered and engaged as we work toward a connected, inclusive and livable city. 

The Process

Project steps 1. "Idea" with lightbulb icon, 2. "Concept and Planning" with pencil and paper icon, 3. "Finalize Proposal and fundraising" with money icon, 4." Execution and Build" with gears icon, 5. "Recognition" with handshake and balloons icon

Community-led construction projects begin with an idea from a community group which is then proposed to the City by contacting the Leisure Services section. The City works with the group to assess the proposed project idea. The city assigns a Leisure Services Community-led Projects Working Team to the project to support and guide the community group’s efforts.

The working team will:

  • Assess the project idea and its alignment with the City’s Master Plan and service level provisions
  • Manage the project, from idea/strategy through concept, design, build and operate phases
  • Ensure the project meets legal requirements
  • Obtain permits and approvals
  • Operate and maintain the facility/project

The community group is responsible for raising 100 per cent of the estimated project cost before any construction or procurement takes place. Once funds are raised, the City becomes the Project Manager and lead of the project, working with vendors to ensure timelines are established/followed and that procurement by-laws are adhered to.

Typically, community groups raise funds for their projects through:

  • Grants from the City of Greater Sudbury (i.e., Healthy Community Initiatives Fund)
  • Grants from other sources identified by the group and City staff (i.e., Sudbury Community Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, etc.)
  • Fundraising activities and events
  • Sponsorships
  • Donations

Steps to follow when planning a new project for your community:



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