Know Your Video Rights

The City of Greater Sudbury has installed security cameras in a number of its municipal facilities. Access to and retention of video footage is regulated under Municipal By-law 2013-128.

The city is committed to balancing the privacy rights of individuals with the safety and security of its employees, facilities and the public. In identifying locations for security cameras, the city is obligated to ensure that installations will minimize potential intrusions of personal privacy.

Security cameras are designed to:

  • protect the safety of City of Greater Sudbury employees and the public,
  • protect facilities, equipment and assets,
  • deter, detect, and/or investigate criminal and/or anti-social behaviour, or
  • meet specific operational needs, as for example remote verification of an individual request to access a secure area

Citizens are advised that:

  • Signs are installed in municipal facilities where security cameras are present. Video camera systems will only be used where there is no other measure feasible to enhance safety and reduce risk.
  • Images obtained through cameras are records, and therefore subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). If a municipal video camera system displays or records characteristics of an identifiable individual, the image will be considered “personal information” under the legislation.
  • If your personal information has been collected by a municipal video camera system, you have the right of access to that personal information, as outlined in MFIPPA, and can initiate a request by contacting Clerk’s Services.

Find out more about use of security cameras at the City by dialing 3-1-1 and asking for Clerk’s Services, or email