Explanation of Terms

Please note that all organizations covered under legislation related to Freedom of Information are required to track:

  • the nature and types of requests,
  • the application of various sections of the Act to these requests, and
  • to submit an annual report to the Information and Privacy Commission of Ontario.

Data recorded on the Freedom of Information Tracking document is formatted to meet requirements for reporting to the province.

Data Description
File #  Indicates the file number issued to your request by the city. You can find your file number at the top of your acknowledgement letter. The format of the File # is FOI XXXX (year) - XXX (number).

Indicates the status of your appeal:

  • Processing: The city is currently processing your request.
  • Closed: The request has been processed and fees collected.
  • Open: The request has been processed but the fees have not been collected. 
  • 3rd Party Comment: The request has triggered notice to be given to a 3rd party.
  • Hold No Application Fee: The request is on hold and will not be processed until the application fee is received by the city.
  • Hold Clarification: The request is on hold pending clarification by the requester.
  • Hold Fee Estimate: A fee estimate has been sent to the requester and the request will not be processed until payment of the deposit is received by the city.
  • In Appeal: Your file is currently in the appeal process.
Description A simple or summarized description of the records requested.
Personal or General Indicates whether the request is for Personal Information or General Records.
Source of Request Indicates who is making the request - Individual, Individual by Agent, Business, Academic/Researcher, Association/Group, Media, Government (all levels) or Other.
Date Received  Indicates the date that the city was in receipt of your request and application fee.
Department Indicates the department(s) that were sent the request.
30 Day Response Indicates the legislative response date (30 days from the date the application fee is received). 
Notice of Decision Sent Indicates the date the Notice of Decision was sent to the requester.
Time to Completion  Indicates the number of days taken to process your request.
Compliance with the Act

 Indicates the type of Notice Issued - Options 1 to 4 (only one can be chosen).

  1. No Notices Issued.
  2. Both a Notice of Extension and a Notice to Affected Party.
  3. Only a Notice of Extension.
  4. Only a Notice to Affected Parties.
Disposition of Request

Indicates the disclosure of Records - Options 1 to 5 (only one can be chosen).

  1. All information Disclosed
  2. Information Disclosed in Part
  3. No Information Disclosed
  4. No Responsive Record exists
  5. Request Withdrawn, Abandoned or Non-jurisdictional
Exemptions & Exclusions Applied

Indicates the exemptions and exclusions applied - (multiple ones can be chosen).

  • S 6. Draft By-laws, etc.
  • S 7. Advice or Recommendations
  • S 8. Law Enforcement
  • S 8.(3) Refusal to Confirm or Deny
  • S 8.1 - Civil Remedies Act, 2001
  • S 8.2 - Prohibit Profiting from Recounting Crimes Act, 2002
  • S 9. Relations with Governments
  • S 10. Third Party Information
  • S 11. Economic or Other Interests
  • S 12. Solicitor-Client Privilege
  • S 13. Danger to Safety or Health
  • S 14. Personal Privacy (Third party)
  • S 14(5) Refusal to Confirm or Deny
  • S 15. - Information Soon to be Published
  • S 20.1 Frivolous or Vexatious
  • S 38. Personal Information (Requestor)
  • S 52(2) Act Does Not Apply
  • S 52(3) - Labour Relations & Employment Related Records
  • S 53. Other Acts
Date Fee Received Indicates the date the fee was received by the city.

Indicates the totals of all Application fees, Additional fees, and total amount of fees waived.

Reasons for Additional Fees Indicates the reasons why any additional fees were collected - Search Time, Reproduction, Preparation, Shipping, Computer Costs, Invoice Costs and others as permitted (multiple fields can be chosen).
Fees Not Paid Indicates the total amount of fees that have not been collected and the breakdown of the costs into the “Reasons for Additional Fees” categories (as above). 
Appeal to IPC Indicates whether an appeal has been made in regards to this request and the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario’s Appeal Number.