Tom Davies Square Redesign

Project #37 of the Downtown Sudbury Master Plan
Current Status: In progress

Tom Davies Square is the City of Greater Sudbury’s front door. It is home to Council Chamber, many municipal services and administrative offices, and links to the 199 Larch Street Tower. It is the City’s most visible civic space, and as such, its grounds should reflect the vision of the community.  

Project #37 of the Downtown Sudbury Master Plan, The Tom Davies Square Redesign, calls for a redesign of the courtyard area to create an attractive and multifunctional public space, with an environmentally-friendly design. This will present opportunities to support more programming and make active use of adjacent indoor spaces.

Where are we now?

The Tom Davies Square Courtyard is in need of structural repairs, scheduled to begin in spring 2016. This presents the perfect opportunity to complete the landscape design work called for in Tom Davies Square Redesign project of the Downtown Sudbury Master Plan.

In fall 2015, the City of Greater Sudbury issued a Request for Proposal for architectural services for the redevelopment of the Tom Davies Square Courtyard.  A successful firm was named and has begun design work for the structural repairs.

In January 2016, ideas for the Courtyard Redesign were collected from residents during a public input period and open session. The design firm is using these ideas to develop three design concepts to bring forward to the public for final comment and feedback. 

Public comment period and open session for three design concepts: Closed.

These concepts are based on ideas collected during the public input period in January 2016. 

Concept A
Features gateway treatment; area for events with tent; public art space; skating rink; seating; audio/video projection capabilities; water feature; skate park; existing silver maples. Click on image to enlarge. 

Concept B
Features similar to Concept A with the addition of angled parking along Larch Street; wind buffering walls; covered walkway; enhanced connection to Memorial Park; more elaborate water feature. Click on image to enlarge. 

Concept C
Features similar to Concept B with the addition of glass solarium; drop off area at Larch Street, “front door” at the provincial tower. Click on image to enlarge. 

Rootop Concept
The rooftop design is a subset of all three concept design options. It features a design that is welcoming to the public for active and passive uses such as community gardening and exercise. Click on image to enlarge. 

Public Session:
Residents are invited to view and comment on three design concepts for the Tom Davies Square Courtyard Redesign at a public session. 
When: Thursday, February 18, 2016, 4 to 6 p.m.
Where: Tom Davies Square Foyer, 200 Brady St. 
What: Join staff to view and hear more about the designs, share your comments, and ask questions.

Community Engagement Session: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 4 to 7 p.m., Tom Davies Square Foyer - Click here to view the presentation. 

    What’s next?

    These three design concepts and public comments will be presented to City Council. Structural repair work of the Courtyard is scheduled to begin in 2016.

    Click here for a brief  history of Tom Davies Square.