Bennett Lake

Quality Characteristics

General Information

Bennett Lake has no permanent or seasonal/recreational residents.

Location & Characteristics
Bennett Lake is an undeveloped lake on the Laurentian University property situated between Nepahwin Lake and Lake Laurentian in McKim township. It can be accessed through the trail that runs from Loach's road to the University sports complex. Bennett Lake is located in the Ramsey Watershed.  The outflow from Bennett Lake passes through a beaver pond (beside the Loach's road trail) before entering Nepahwin near the corner of Aspenwood St. Bennett Lake is 13.6 hectares in size with a shoreline perimeter of 2.0 kilometres. The lake is shallow with a maximum depth of 2 metres. View maps of Bennett Lake.

Watershed Information
Bennett Lake is located in the Ramsey Watershed.

Lake Stewardship
Click on the Friends of Bennett Lake link to obtain information about the stewardship group and its activities.

For information regarding the Lake Stewardship groups of the Greater Sudbury area, please click on the following link: Lake Stewardship.

Biological Characteristics

Fish Species
For more information, view the list of Bennett Lake's documented fish species.

Aquatic Insects
There is currently no data for aquatic insects.

Aquatic Plants
There is currently no data for aquatic plants.