Commercial and Home Salt Use

Commercial and Home Salt Use

Living in the North means dealing with icy walkways and pavement around our homes and businesses. Salt de-icers are commonly used but have many drawbacks. You, or a hired service, may use salt as your first choice to ensure the safety of your workers, clients and customers. However, salting may not be the best choice and over-salting may lead to a variety of problems! 

Reasons to Limit Salt Use:

  1. Causes corrosion of concrete, wood and metal. 
  2. Damages aquatic ecosystems in local lakes and streams. 
  3. Increases sodium and chloride levels in our drinking water sources. 
  4. Causes irritation and damage to pets and wildlife.

Living with Ice Information Pamphlet (PDF, 379 KB) Sidewalk Savers (PDF, 2,707 KB)

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