Road Construction and Projects

Road Construction and Projects

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2018 Citywide construction map  (pdf 386KB)

2018 Construction information can be found on the Roads and Traffic Restrictions (RATR)

The Road and Traffic Restrictions (RATR) application allows residents and local businesses to identify areas where road work is being undertaken by the City, contractors, utility companies, rail companies, private companies, and more. 

Major Road Highlights for 2018 Construction Season

The Maley Drive Extension

The Maley Drive Extension project has been identified as the number one priority for municipal infrastructure development.  This project is a combination of new road and reconstruction/rehabilitation of existing road to alleviate traffic congestion and promote economic activity while improving safety.
Ongoing work includes, construction of a new four lane divided roadway from the Lasalle Extension to Barry Downe Road, including the construction of an overpass structure at the intersection of Lasalle Boulevard and Maley Drive and the completion of the interchange at Notre Dame Av. (MR 80).  Construction is expected to be completed by the fall of 2019.

MR 35 Widening Project

Preliminary work for the widening of MR 35 is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2018.  We anticipate beginning underground infrastructure work such as water main and culverts this construction season in preparation for the road widening project that will span over two construction seasons.   

Second Avenue 

Improvements to Second Avenue included the widening and reconstruction of the road from Donna Drive to First Avenue, a bike path and sidewalks, and water main improvements and reconstruction of the roadway on Margaret Street.  The final lift of asphalt, including restoration work, such as sodding, and line painting, is expected to be completed by July 2018.

Lorne Street

Infrastructure improvements to Lorne Street included asphalt rehabilitation, curb and sidewalk removal and replacement, new water mains and the installation of new hydrants and services. Final asphalt resurfacing and line painting is expected to be complete by June of 2018.

Barry Downe Road Water Main Improvements

Work will begin this summer to line the water main along sections of Barry Downe Road and Westmount Avenue. These necessary improvements will extend the service life of our existing pipes with minimal disruption to the road. Work will include an installation of a large diameter valve chamber, and water main lining.