Seniors Services

Seniors Services


The City of Greater Sudbury values the contributions and well-being of older adults in our community and strives to promote, maintain and enhance their quality of life. 

Get information on housing, transportation, assisted living, community involvement, hobbies and programs and recreation.

Activities for Older Adults

Download our Activity Guide for Older Adults (Fall 2017/Winter 2018)  (PDF, 527 KB)

Check out older adult clubs and associations in the community.

Age-Friendly Communities

The population is aging and it is more important than ever for communities to establish polices and services that support the health and well-being of older citizens.

An Age-Friendly community helps seniors to age actively, live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved.

An Age-Friendly community is a community that:

  • recognizes that seniors have a wide range of skills and abilities
  • understands and meets the age-related needs of seniors
  • respects the decisions and lifestyle choices of seniors
  • protects those seniors who are vulnerable
  • recognizes that seniors have a lot to offer their community and
  • recognizes how important it is to include seniors in all aspects of community life.

Age-Friendly communities develop policies and maintain infrastructure to be safe and affordable. Age-Friendly communities provide:

  • accessible outdoor spaces and public buildings
  • safe and affordable housing options for seniors
  • accessible roads and walkways
  • affordable and accessible public transportation
  • health and support services for seniors and
  • opportunities for seniors to be socially active, volunteer and participate in the community.

Read the City of Greater Sudbury’s Age-Friendly Community (AFC) Action Plan, prepared by Huntington University’s Department of Gerontology in collaboration with the Seniors Advisory Panel to Mayor and Council and its subcommittee the Age-Friendly Community Task Force.

Read the Age-Friendly Community Plan Update presented to Greater Sudbury Council on November 22, 2017.

See how you can get involved as a representative for local seniors issues by participating in the Seniors Advisory Panel.