City Testing Sudbury Alerts Emergency Notification System May 10

May 3, 2024

As part of Emergency Preparedness Week from May 5 to 11, 2024, the City of Greater Sudbury will test its Sudbury Alerts emergency notification system. The test will take place at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 10, 2024.

If your home or business has a publicly listed phone number, you will receive a test notification on your phone. If you have signed up to receive emergency notifications via text, email, TTY or mobile number via the City’s website, you will also receive a test notification.

The incoming Sudbury Alerts call will appear on your phone as 705-805-9360. It’s a good idea to include the number in your phone’s contacts and name it Sudbury Alerts so you always know when an emergency alert call is coming in. If you have signed up for text notifications, you’ll receive information from 89362 or 89364.

When you receive your test notification, please follow the instructions carefully so we can ensure the system is working properly. Please do not call 311 or 911 when you receive your test notification.

The test message will be clearly marked with the word TEST in written form and emphasized in voice recordings. If an actual emergency occurs on May 10, the word TEST will not be part of the messaging. Instead, the message will give specific details of an emergency and how you should proceed. 

Sudbury Alerts provides emergency information specific to residents of Greater Sudbury. It focuses on local emergencies, including train derailments, extreme weather, potential air quality issues and more. It can also deliver important messages about when to shelter in place and where to go for detailed information during a local emergency. Messages are available in English or French upon signup.

Sudbury Alerts is different than the national Alert Ready system, which allows government officials at the federal, provincial and municipal levels to issue public safety messages via channels such as television, radio and wireless devices based on one’s geographic location. There is no sign-up or opt-in required for the national Alert Ready system.

To sign up for Sudbury Alerts, or to check or update your information and language preference, visit

About Sudbury Alerts

The City of Greater Sudbury, in partnership with Vale, Glencore, Greater Sudbury Police Services, Greater Sudbury Utilities and Public Health Sudbury & Districts, launched Sudbury Alerts in February 2017. This notification system alerts residents of a potential hazards or concerns considered an imminent threat to public safety. The system allows residents to receive emergency alerts on their home phone, cell phone, TTY service, fax number or email address.

Sudbury Alerts acts in conjunction with the City’s emergency management program for the protection and safety of residents. For more information, visit