Green Cart Program

Join the City’s Green Cart Program and help turn your organic waste into compost. No need to sign up or leave your home. 

A green cart.

If you already compost

We encourage you to continue backyard composting, however, you should consider participating in the Green Cart Program because there are some items that you can't currently compost that are accepted in the Green Cart Program.

How the Green Cart Program works

If you’re a household on a roadside pick up route you can participate. 

  • Get a Green Cart for free from the City.  
  • Put all of your organic waste into the Green Cart instead of your garbage. 
  • Put your Green Cart at the roadside along with your garbage and recycling each week.
  • We will pick it up along with your garbage and recycling.

For everything you need to know about the household program, download our Green Cart Program information sheet (PDF, 961 KB). 

What happens to Green Cart material

  • Your Green Cart items are picked up, taken to the organic composting pad at the Sudbury Landfill and turned into compost. 
  • Finished compost that has passed the testing requirements can be used for landscaping or as a soil conditioner. 

Get started with the Green Cart Program

  • You may request a Green Cart by downloading the Greater Sudbury Waste Wise App, calling 311 or submitting a request using the Waste Wise tool. Allow up to two weeks for delivery. 
  • Find or buy a container to collect your food scraps (kitchen collector).
  • Buy certified compostable bags to use in your kitchen collector and Green Cart. 
  • Learn more about what goes in the Green Cart. You can also use our Waste Wise tool to learn what should go where!

How to use your Green Cart

  • Collect your food scraps/waste in a kitchen collector. You can use a suitably sized container (for example an empty ice cream container) or buy a kitchen collector. The sale of kitchen collectors is currently suspended.
  • Line your kitchen collector with a certified compostable bag or buy a special food waste paper bag. 
  • When your kitchen collector bag is full transfer it into your Green Cart.
  • You may also choose to drain all liquids from your kitchen collector, wrap your organics in newspaper and place them in a paper bag in the Green Cart. 
  • Make sure you never place items loosely into a Green Cart.
  • Containers must not weigh more than 40 lbs/18 kg.