General / Procedures

The Greater Sudbury Planning Committee is responsible for all real estate related matters including property acquisitions, sales, leases, and road footpaths and closures.

The procedures for all property related matters are governed by By-law 2008-174. The procedures are in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Act.

Property acquisitions, sales and leases are discussed by the Planning Committee during its in camera session. Any recommendation emanating from the in camera session must be read and passed in the open session of the meeting.

Prior to the sale of all municipal property, a recommendation declaring the property surplus must be passed during an open session of the Planning Committee meeting.

All sales of municipal property, regardless of value, require Council approval.  Property acquisitions greater than $25,000 require Council approval. Council approval is required for any lease in which the annual lease payments to the City exceed $25,000 and or where the lease term, including renewals, exceeds 10 years.