Tax Sale Properties

A Sale of Land by Public Tender (also referred to as a ‘Tax Sale’) is governed by the Municipal Act, 2001, and Ontario Regulation 181/03 (the “Municipal Tax Sales Rules”). By following the process set out in this legislation, the municipality has an opportunity to sell land which is in arrears of taxes in order to recover the arrears.

The Municipality registers a Tax Arrears Certificate on the title of a property in tax arrears for at least two (2) years. This certificate indicates that the property will be sold if the “Cancellation Price” is not paid within one year of registration of the certificate.

The Municipality advertises the property(s) for sale due to non-payment of taxes if the “Cancellation Price” is not paid within the one year registration of the certificate and no tax extension agreement has been executed.

For further details, please refer to Important Information Regarding Tax Sales.