Option 1 – Pay the fine

If you choose this option you are choosing to pay the fine amount indicated on your ticket in full without dispute. 

You will notice that there are two amounts listed on your ticket. If you pay your ticket within seven days of receiving it, you will pay the lower amount of the two. If you do not pay your ticket within seven days you will pay the set fine amount (the higher amount of the two). 

If you choose this option there are a number of options available to you for paying your parking ticket: 

  • Online 
  • In person at the Tom Davies Square One Stop Service (200 Brady Street) or any Citizen Service Center (cash, cheque, or debit only).
  • By mail – Tom Davies Square, One Stop Services, 200 Brady Street, PO Box 5000, STN A, Sudbury, ON, P3A 5P3

Note: If you have not paid your fine within in the time indicated on your ticket you will receive a Notice of Fine and Due Date advising you that payment for your fine is still outstanding. If you receive this notice the options for payment listed above no longer apply and you will be required to pay your ticket using one of the options listed on the Notice of Fine and Due Date.