New for Election 2018

New for Election 2018

Municipal Elections Act, 1996: Legislative Changes

Municipal and School Board Elections are conducted in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. Following the 2014 Municipal and School Board Election, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs conducted a review of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 and a number of changes were made to the existing legislation through the Municipal Elections Modernization Act, 2016.

Some key legislative changes that will affect the City’s 2018 Municipal and School Board Election include the following:


  • In addition to meeting the prescribed candidacy requirements outlined in the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, candidates must also submit the signatures of 25 voters who endorse their nomination. Individuals who endorse candidates will be required to sign a declaration stating that they meet voter eligibility requirements on the day the endorsement is signed.


  • Candidates may file their nomination to run for municipal or school board office from Tuesday, May 1, 2018 to Friday, July 27, 2018.

Third Party Advertisements and Contributions

  • Corporations and trade unions may register as a third party. Once registered, they may promote or oppose any candidate running for office and may also campaign for or against a question on the ballot. Nomination and finance rules for third parties are similar to those of candidates running for office.


  • Candidates can access apartment buildings, condominiums, non-profit housing co-ops or gated communities from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. to campaign. Landlords and condominium corporations must allow tenants or owners to display campaign signs in their windows.

For more information regarding the changes made to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs’ website.

Additional information and updates regarding the legislative changes and how they will affect the 2018 Municipal and School Board Election will be posted periodically throughout the election period.