Summer Hiring Policies

Summer Hiring Policies

Employment Period

The summer work term is anytime between April and mid September. Your period of work will depend on which labour group you work in:

  • Non Union: Anywhere between April 1 through to September 15.
  • Local 4705 Inside Unit:  Anywhere between April 15 through to September 15.
  • Local 4705 Outside Unit:  Anywhere between April 15 through to September 15.

Hiring Process

Former summer staff

  • Each department hiring summer staff gets a list of candidates who worked in their department the previous summer and who are eligible for re-hire. 
  • The hiring manager contacts the candidates to inquire if they are interested in the available jobs. They also make sure the candidates are eligible to work and meet the requirements.
  • After the hiring manager contacts all of the re-hire candidates, they determine how many jobs in their department are available for new hires. 
  • If there is a decrease in available jobs and re-hires can’t return to their previous departments, they will be given preference over new candidates hired in other departments.

New summer staff

  • All new applicant names are placed in a pool. They are all considered for employment if there are more jobs available than the number of staff available for re-hire.
  • To ensure an unbiased and open hiring process, there is  a randomized draw of all new applicant names in the pool. Each name, and the order in which it was drawn, is recorded on a list.
  • After the draw, hiring managers get applications of qualified new candidates in the order of the randomized draw. The number of applications they get is based on the number of jobs they have available.
  • Hiring managers review the applications. They select candidates based on where they end up on the randomized draw and their qualifications.
  • There may be applicants who do not meet requirements for jobs in that department but qualify for work elsewhere. Those applications are put back in the pool to be considered for a different position for which they qualify.

How to Apply

  • You can only apply during our summer recruitment period.
  • For more information on how to apply, visit our summer employment page.


  • We may contact you as early as mid-April and as late as the end of June if you are selected for an interview.
  • Sometimes you may get a call for an interview throughout the summer. For example, if a candidate leaves their job before the work term (summer) is over, and the job needs to be filled, the next candidate in the randomized draw will be considered.
  • The hiring manager and another City of Greater Sudbury employee will conduct the interview. 
  • We will ask you a number of pre-determined questions. We will record your answers and evaluate them according to a rating scale.
  • After your interview the hiring manager may contact your references with your written permission. 

Job Requirements

Some jobs have pre-employment requirements. You will need to complete these before you get a written job offer. They may include:

  • Employment Medical: If your job falls under the CUPE 4705 Service and Maintenance Collective Bargaining Agreement, you need to successfully pass an Employment Medical by a medical doctor. You will need to pay for any costs associated with getting an employment medical. You must get this done before you get a written job offer.
  • Two-Step Mantoux test (TB): If you will be working at Pioneer Manor, you will need to have a TB test done at your own expense.  You may need to provide a copy of your Immunization Record.
  • Criminal Records Checks (CRC): If you will be dealing with children, vulnerable adults or safety and security, you will need to get a Criminal Record Check done at your own expense. You must submit it to the hiring manager before you receive a job offer. We will not accept a CRC that was done more than three (3) months before the job offer date. All hires (including re-hires) have to get a CRC each time they are offered a job.
  • Drivers Licence: If you are hired for a job where you will be driving a motor vehicle you must have a valid Class G Licence, at a minimum. This is for insurance and liability reasons. A G2 or G1 licence will not be accepted. You must provide a copy of your valid driver’s licence. All new hires must go through a road test, per the Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration and Driver Certification Program Policy.
  • First Aid and CPR Certification (Level C): If you are working at playgrounds, summer camps or the waterfront, you must have a current First Aid and CPR Certification (Level C) before starting your job.
  • National Lifeguard Certification: If you are working a waterfront job, you need to have current National Lifeguard Certification.
  • HIGH FIVE® Certification: If you are working at playgrounds and summer camps, you must have HIGH FIVE® Certification before starting your job.

Job Offers

If you successfully complete your interview and submit all necessary documentation, you will receive a verbal job offer. You will be told:

  • The position you have been hired for;
  • The department, division and/or section in which you will be working;
  • The start date and expected length of your job;
  • Your job location;
  • Your rate of pay.

You will then get a written job offer.


All summer staff must attend Orientation Safety Training when they start their job.  Your supervisor will give you the details when you accept your job offer. You will get job specific training in your department/divison/section when you start your job.

Note: Staff working at playgrounds and summer camps must attend one full week of mandatory training. This training typically takes place the last week of June.

Number of Years in Summer Employment Program

There is no set number of years you can work in our summer employment program.

Summer work terms do not need to be served consecutively, however, only one (1) summer work term can be waived after completion of your first summer work term.

If you work five weeks or more in a summer, you will be considered to have completed a summer work term.

Job Evaluation

At the end of your term of employment, your supervisor will complete an Employee Performance Evaluation Form and a Supervisor's Report. 

If your score is at least “Good”, you will be placed on the list of applicants available for re-hire for the next summer. 

If your score is less than “Good”, your supervisor will let you know that you have not been recommended for re-hire in a personal exit interview.


We only use your personal information to evaluate your suitability for the job for which you are applying, according to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.