Budget Direction

Budget Direction

On June 21, 2022, Council provided direction to staff for the development of the 2023 Budget. Staff will follow these directions to prepare the proposed budget, which will be presented to Council for consideration in Q1 2023.

Directions include:

  • Prepare a 2023 Business Plan with recommendations for changes to service levels and/or non-tax revenues so that the operating budget results in no more than a 3.7 per cent property tax increase from 2022.
  • Prepare a capital budget based on assessment of the community’s highest priority needs that considers financial affordability, financial commitments and workloads for multi-year projects, operating cost impacts of new projects, probability and potential consequences of asset failure and the costs and service impacts of deferring projects.
  • Prepare a business plan for Water and Wastewater services for which the rate increase is no more than 4.8 per cent.
  • Provide recommendations for changes to user fees for 2023 that reflect the full cost of providing the program or service, reliance on non-tax revenue and development of new fees for services.
  • Prepare business cases for any service enhancements, changes in services or new service proposals.
  • The City’s service partners were asked to follow the same 2023 budget direction. Service partners include Greater Sudbury Police Services, Nickel District Conservation Authority, Greater Sudbury Public Library Board and Public Health Sudbury & Districts.

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