GOVA Shelter Maintenance and Renewal Program

GOVA Shelter Maintenance and Renewal Program

GOVA Shelter Maintenance and Renewal Program Underway

Between April and October, GOVA Transit will be removing some bus shelters in Greater Sudbury and replacing them with new or refurbished shelters.

Since 2021, 55 shelters have been upgraded through the GOVA Shelter Maintenance and Renewal program. This year, approximately 12 bus shelters at the following locations are scheduled to be replaced or refurbished:

  • Marcus Drive (stop 8005) – new shelter, concrete pad
  • Marcus Drive (stop 8080) – new shelter, concrete pad
  • Garson hub (stop 7460) – new shelter, concrete pad
  • Regent Street (stop 5720) – new shelter
  • Peppertree Village (stop 7300) – new shelter
  • Kathleen Street (stop 1570) – shelter replacement, concrete pad
  • Humber Court (stop 1540) – shelter replacement, concrete pad
  • Copper Cliff (stop 2230) – shelter replacement
  • Shappert Avenue (stop 4280) – shelter replacement
  • Moonlight Avenue (stop 4635) – shelter replacement
  • St. Michel Street (stop 3315) – shelter replacement
  • Regent Street (stop 5700) – solar advertisement shelter replacement

Note- bus stop locations will not change when shelters are temporarily removed. 

A refurbished shelter is sandblasted and painted. New glass, new dome roof panels, improved lighting and a bench are installed along with a new concrete pad, if necessary. Refurbished and replaced shelters will all have a similar look. It takes approximately two to six weeks to upgrade or replace a shelter, depending on the type of work that needs to be done. 

The GOVA Shelter Maintenance and Renewal program is ongoing. Balancing life expectancy of the shelters and impact on the customer, GOVA will replace or upgrade, as required.

This program aligns with the City of Greater Sudbury Strategic Plan with a commitment to Asset Management and Service Excellence, and continued efforts to expand ridership through innovative and responsive system improvements. The project is supported by funding through the Public Transit Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP) and annual operating budgets.

Note – GOVA regularly maintains shelters to ensure safety and cleanliness; all shelters will be cleaned beginning now, through the summer.