Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan

The Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCCAP) is a long-term plan to improve resilience in our community to climate change and extreme weather events, reduce our risk and vulnerability, and bounce back quickly from events such as flooding, extreme heat and power outages.

It responds to City Council’s climate emergency declaration in May 2019, which included a commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

To develop the CCCAP, City staff, Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, Wahnapitae First Nation, community groups and residents were engaged to collectively identify key vulnerabilities for our region related to climate change and bring forward actions to reduce the risks or impacts.

The following six overarching theme areas were identified:

  1. Built Environment: homes, roads, water and sewer pipes, power lines, bridges and buildings.
  2. Natural Environment: land, water, wetlands, trails, ecosystems, and wildlife.
  3. Local Economy: local businesses, tourism, and farming
  4. Cultural and Social Cohesion: the connections we have through schools, community centres, faith and cultural centres, neighbourhoods, and volunteerism build our community resilience.
  5. Community Health and Well-Being: our wellness, health care, food access, and emergency responses.
  6. Enabling Actions: inform and empower community members to act.

The CCCAP recommends 17 objectives that are tied to these six themes along with numerous actions.

The changing climate presents uncertainty, but by developing the CCCAP, Greater Sudbury will be better prepared and resilient to changes that may come.

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