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Procurements Opportunities

The City of Greater Sudbury’s open procurement opportunities are exclusively posted on bids&tenders.

As per the City’s Purchasing By-Law, contracts with a total acquisition cost of $100,000 or greater (unless exempt in Schedule A of the Purchasing By-Law or approved as a single/sole source by City Council) must be conducted via open competition and in accordance with applicable trade agreements.

Viewing of current procurement opportunities is free of charge. To participate in a procurement opportunity, a one-time or annual subscription fee is applicable. For more information or to register, visit bids&tenders. Once registered, companies can select a commodity category to receive opportunities from over 160 organizations.

Sudbury Regional Buying Group

The City of Greater Sudbury, along with other public sector organizations (currently: Cambrian College, Collège Boréal, Laurentian University, Rainbow District School Board, Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury Catholic District School Board, Counseil scolaire public du Grand Nord de l’Ontario, Greater Sudbury Utilities, Health Sciences North, and Science North) are members of the Sudbury Regional Buying Group. Member Agencies realize savings by combining individual requirements and seeking bids for larger volumes of goods and services. If the City of Greater Sudbury participates in these joint procurement opportunities, they will be posted on bids&

Notice of Participation in Buying Groups

This posting is a public notification that the City of Greater Sudbury, including Pioneer Manor, Greater Sudbury Fire Services, Greater Sudbury Paramedic Services, the Greater Sudbury Police Services Board, Greater Sudbury Public Library Board, City of Greater Sudbury Community Development Corporation, Greater Sudbury Housing Corporation and Sudbury Airport Community Development Corporation, intends to participate in one or more cooperative procurements conducted by the following Buying Groups:

  1. Government of Ontario   
  2. OECM – Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace
  3. Metrolinx
  4. Local Authority Services (LAS) - Canoe Procurement Group  (Inc. Sourcewell)
  5. Police Cooperative Purchasing Group (PCPG) 
  6. Mohawk Medbuy
  7. Kinetic GPO
  8. Locate Alliance Consortium 

Contract Award Results

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Note: The posting of contract awards may take up to 72 days after contract execution.

Tenders and results posted on the City’s site prior to March 29, 2019, will continue to be available through the search portal below.

Tenders and Request for Proposals

Request for Supplier Qualification (RFSQ) ENG19-35 for the Paquette Whitson Municipal Drain and Stormwater Management Pond.

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Closing Date: January 17, 2019
Closing Time: 4:30 PM
(Eastern Standard Time)

Notice of Prequalification – RFSQ ENG19-35 Request for Supplier Qualification for Paquette Whitson Municipal Drain and Stormwater Management Pond Whitson River North to 420m West of Elmview Drive
Description of the Procurement:
Request for Supplier Qualification (RFSQ) ENG19-35 for the Paquette Whitson Municipal Drain and Stormwater Management Pond.
Procuring Entity Contact Information:
The City of Greater Sudbury, c/o Purchasing Section, 2nd Floor, Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady Street, Sudbury, ON  P3E 3L9 (address of the “City’s Purchasing Section” referenced in this Notice).
Prequalification and Tender documentation may be downloaded free of charge from the City of Greater Sudbury’s (the “City”) website at or may be picked up at the City of Greater Sudbury, Engineering Services Division, 3rd Floor, Tom Davies Square, 200 Brady Street, Box 5000, Station A, Sudbury, Ontario, P3A 5P3 for a non-refundable fee of $140.00 (includes HST).  The City shall not be responsible for any notices and/or related prequalification or Tender documentation not accessed directly from the City.
Unless otherwise stated herein, all capitalized terms in this Notice derive their meaning and usage from the City’s Purchasing By-law, which is available on the City’s website at
Goods or Services to be Procured:
The successful Bidder will be required to construct two stormwater management ponds, and 2.3 kilometers of Regional storm channel from the Whitson River in Blezard township to 420 metres west of Elmview Drive. Work includes but not limited to, channel and pond excavation, grading, culvert installations, drainage improvements, placement of granular material, placement of rip rap, topsoil and hydroseed.  All work to be done in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the Contract pursuant to this Bid Solicitation.
Bidders shall assume the Contract to include the following estimated quantities:
  • Brushing                                                          659,250 m2
  • Pond Excavation & Hauling                            521,480 m3
  • Berm Construction                                          33,400 m3
  • Geosynthetic Clay liner                                  10,847 m2
  • Excavate New Channel                                  1,287m
  • Excavate and Realign Channel                      1,038m
  • Hydroseed c/w 100mm topsoil                       503,420m2
  • Cable Concrete (various types)                      2,456 m2
  • Rip Rap (various sizes & depth)                     32,393 m2
  • Subdrain (150mm to 300mm dia)                  6329m
  • Granular A Walkways (3.5m to 5m wide)      6711m
  • (3) Precast & (1) cast in place concrete structure
  • Pipe Culverts (supply & install)
    • 300 mm HDPE                                   28 m
    • 450mm HDPE                                    18m
    • 450mm poly coated CSP                   18m
    • 525mm HDPE                                    32m
    • 525mm poly coated CSP                   17m
    • 600 mm Concrete                               36 m
    • 750 mm poly coated CSP                  15 m
    • 900 mm HDPE                                   118m
    • 900mm poly coated CSP                   156m
    • 1200 mm HDPE                                 23 m
  • Box Culverts
    • 2400 x 1200 Precast Concrete           21m
Prequalification Submission Address and Closing Date:
Prequalification submissions shall be submitted via email to or by fax to (705) 671-8118 or delivered in person or by courier using the address label-sheet provided by the City to the City’s Purchasing Section no later than by end of business day (4:30 PM) on January 17, 2019.  It is the sole responsibility of the interested supplier to ensure that its submission was received by City’s Purchasing Section.  Submissions received late will be automatically rejected.
Communications with the City:
All communications with the City for this prequalification shall be in writing through the official point of contact, Paul Javor.  Verbal communications are not binding on the City.
Interested suppliers shall not contact any other persons including Members of Council, City employees or consultants retained by the City for this prequalification, which may result in disqualification from bidding on the eventual Bid Solicitation and any future Bid Solicitations.
Interested suppliers must review the prequalification documentation and promptly report to the City and request clarification of any discrepancy, deficiency, ambiguity, error, inconsistency or omission contained in the prequalification documentation. To facilitate comprehensive responses, interested suppliers are encouraged to email their questions or clarification requests as soon as possible and no later than 12:00 Noon on January 15, 2019 to or by fax to (705) 671-8118.  Nothing in this notice obligates the City to respond to any question or clarification request.
Notice of Subjection to Agreement(s):
This procurement is subject to Chapter 5 of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and Chapter 19 of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).
Timeline for Delivery of Goods or Services / Duration of the Contract:
a)         Progress of the Work and Time for Completion
The Contractor shall begin work within one week of written instructions to do so and shall diligently prosecute his work on this Contract to completion by June 30, 2020, in accordance with Section 107-12 of the General Conditions.  Working days do not apply to this contract.
b)         Liquidated Damages
The parties to the Contract hereto agree that the Contractor will pay to the Corporation the sum of $1,000.00 per day Liquidated Damages for each and every calendar day’s delay in finishing the work in excess of TBD, in accordance with Section 107-12 of the General Conditions.  Working days do not apply to this contract.
Criteria and Limitations:
Prequalification Criteria:
The Prequalification submissions will be evaluated and scored in accordance with the criteria below:
Prequalification Criteria:
Prequalification Criteria
Line Scoring Criteria
Bank Reference – Letter from the Bidder’s current bank addressed to the City of Greater Sudbury, attesting to the Bidders financial capability to complete this contract
Bonding Verification – Letter from the Bidder's bonding company confirming the surety's relationship with the Bidder and their willingness to provide the required bonding for this contract.
Insurance – Letter from the Bidder’s Insurance Company addressed to the City of Greater Sudbury stating that if you are successful you will possess the stipulated insurance requirements.
WSIB in Good Standing
Experience – A written schedule of similar contracts with a tender value over $5,000,000 successfully completed by the Bidder in the previous three (3) years as prime contractor.
References – For the contracts listed in line 5, provide the value of each contract, the name of the owner, and the name and telephone number of the owner's contact person who is willing and able to attest to the Bidder's capability to perform this contract work.
Contract Management Team – Contract management structure and CV’s of the Contract Management Team (i.e. project manager, site superintendent, lead foreman, and Health & Safety lead)) for this contract work.  The CV’s must include the name, qualifications, and experience of each individual.
In order to prequalify, you must pass the mandatory requirements noted as “pass or fail” (Items 1 - 4).  You must also achieve a minimum score of 60% from the other criteria listed above (items 5, 6, 7) in order to be considered for the next stage of the process, which will be the tender process.
Procurement Method:
Request for Supplier Qualification followed by a Request for Tender.
The City’s selection of prequalified Supplier(s) for this Bid Solicitation will be based on an evaluation against set criteria.
Negotiations may occur where Bids received in response to a Bid Solicitation exceed the Council Approved Budget or if the Lowest Compliant Bids from two or more Bidders are identical in Total Acquisition Cost or unit price.  
The procurement will not involve electronic auction.
Submissions are required to be submitted in English only.

For more general information, contact the department at:
705-674-4455 Extension 2464 or