New Directors of Linear Infrastructure and Environmental Services Bring Innovation and Expertise to City Service Areas

Dec 3, 2021

The Growth and Infrastructure department of the City of Greater Sudbury will continue to benefit from the management of two established leaders. Brittany Hallam, new Director of Linear Infrastructure Services, and Renee Brownlee, new Director of Environmental Services, will continue to lead these respective areas after acting in their roles for the past year.

“My genuine congratulations go out to Ms. Hallam and Ms. Brownlee,” said Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger. “They have clearly demonstrated their value by improving services to residents, and successfully supporting the goals of the Strategic Plan. They bring strong leadership, expertise in their fields and a customer-centric approach to their respective service areas, and I very much look forward to their continued great work.”

Both Ms. Hallam and Ms. Brownlee have successfully led their teams through major service improvements, and significant changes to operations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.    

“With their unique expertise and achievements, Ms. Hallam and Ms. Brownlee bring a fresh perspective,” said Ed Archer, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Greater Sudbury. “Not only are they experts in their fields, they are well-known and respected leaders in our organization. They embody the values of the City, and I have no doubt they will continue to develop innovative solutions and data-driven strategies to continuously improve the delivery of these services.”

Brittany Hallam

Brittany Hallam graduated from McMaster University and is a professional civil engineer.

She began her career at the City in 2014, and has continuously been recognized for her achievements. She is known by her peers as a strong, fair and resilient leader. Ms. Hallam has been instrumental in the adoption of organizational customer service initiatives in Linear Infrastructure Services, and has a profound knowledge of operations, having held positions at various levels.    

The Director of Linear Infrastructure Services is responsible for a large portfolio, which includes roads maintenance, and distribution and collection services (water distribution and wastewater collection). These services are critical to the health and safety of residents, and to the economic continuity of our community.  
“The services delivered by Linear Infrastructure Services are so important to the people and businesses in our community,” said Ms. Hallam. “Each and every one of us relies on our transportation networks and access to water and wastewater services every day. I am excited to actively support the strategic priorities of City Council, enhance customer service, and lead efficient and sustainable services for our city.”

Ms. Hallam is originally from Calgary, Alberta, and now calls Greater Sudbury home. She has strong ties to the community, as her mother is from Onaping and her extended family resides in the city.

Renee Brownlee

Ms. Brownlee began her career at the municipality in 2006, after graduating from Laurentian University in Geography, with a Certificate of Applied Technical Geography.

She is known by her peers as a talented, hard-working professional, who continuously puts customer service and process improvement at the forefront. She has successfully led numerous large-scale projects that have had significant impacts on the long-term sustainability of our landfills, and have contributed to an environmentally sustainable future for our community.

The Director of Environmental Services is responsible for solid waste management, including residential roadside collection, landfills, and diversion and education programs (including recycling and organic composting). These services are critical to the quality of life, and health and safety of residents and businesses across the community.

Ms. Brownlee has always had the desire to contribute to the greater good of the community, and found her calling in environmental services.

“Greater Sudbury is my home, and I am passionate about our community and its future,” said Ms. Brownlee. “I am very excited to continue to implement important initiatives that help make our future even better through long-term, innovative strategies that keep the environment and the Community Energy Emissions Plan top of mind.”

Ms. Brownlee was born and raised in Greater Sudbury.

Both women took on their new permanent roles on November 24, 2021.