Emergency Preparedness Week 2021: Be Ready for Anything

May 3, 2021

May 2 to 8 is Emergency Preparedness (EP) Week, a national awareness initiative that encourages residents to take action and be better prepared in the event of an emergency. The initiative has been recognized annually across Canada for more than 25 years.

“The theme of this year’s EP Week is Be Ready for Anything – a lesson many of us have learned over the past year, in light of COVID-19,” said Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger. “A pandemic likely isn’t what most of us pictured when we used to think about being ready for an emergency, and that’s why this year’s theme is so fitting. This week, take some time to review your family’s preparedness. Talk about the risks, refresh the contents of your emergency kit, and make sure you’re signed up for Greater Sudbury Alerts.”

While the City has emergency plans in place for the municipality as a whole, it is up to each household and workplace to be prepared as well. Start by following these three simple steps:

  • Know the risks in our area – both natural (weather-related) and human-caused.
  • Make a plan to help your family know what to do in case of emergency.
  • Put together an emergency kit with basic supplies to last your family 72 hours.

For details on each of these steps, visit www.greatersudbury.ca/beprepared.

Sign Up. Get Notified. Be Prepared.

Greater Sudbury Alerts is the City’s mass notification service that allows us to notify residents of any imminent threat to public safety, including extreme weather conditions, hazardous material spills and wildfires.

In an emergency, Greater Sudbury Alerts is the fastest, easiest, and most direct way for residents to get critical information and stay informed. You will receive emergency details and actions in the way that works best for you – a phone call to your landline or cell phone, email, text message or TTY message.

Learn more and sign up at www.greatersudbury.ca/sudburyalerts.

We Want to Hear From You.

Are you and your family prepared if we experience a natural disaster? What are your greatest barriers or concerns when it comes to emergency planning? Where do you feel you need more help?

We are developing a baseline on our community’s level of emergency preparedness. Please take 5 to 10 minutes to fill out the emergency preparedness survey at overtoyou.greatersudbury.ca/beprepared. The survey will be available until May 31, 2021.