Pedestrians get a Head Start at Four New Pedestrian Interval Crossings

Aug 29, 2018

Four new leading pedestrian interval (LPI) crossings will reduce conflict between pedestrians crossing the road and turning vehicles.

The City now has five LPIs, with the first one being introduced last fall on Notre Dame Avenue and Kathleen Street.

The four new LPIs are located at the following intersections:

Elgin Street at St Anne Road/Mackenzie Street
Notre Dame Avenue at Ste Anne Road/Louis Street
Notre Dame Avenue at King Street
Notre Dame Avenue at Wilma Street

LPIs give pedestrians an additional five seconds to begin crossing the intersection while traffic in the other direction faces a red light. The five-second delay gives pedestrians time to be fully visible in the crosswalk and establish their right-of-way in the intersection, before adjacent traffic in the other lane is given the green light to turn.  LPIs are typically used where there is enough pedestrian and turning vehicle traffic to require a dedicated signal interval for pedestrians.

As with all other intersections, pedestrians must wait for the walk signal before crossing.

LPIs improve safety by:

• Enhancing the visibility of pedestrian in the intersection;
• Reinforcing the right-of-way of pedestrians and encouraging motorists to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk;
• Providing more time for those with mobility challenges to use the crosswalk, as they may take longer to occupy the crosswalk following the start of a “walk” signal.

Motorists are reminded that it is a requirement of the Highway Traffic Act to come to a full stop at a red light when making a right turn, and to remain stopped until the intersection is clear.

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