New Animal Care and Control By-law for Greater Sudbury on March 1

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Responsible pet ownership is the theme of a new City of Greater Sudbury Animal Care and Control By-law that takes effect March 1, 2017. The by-law repeals a limit on the number of dogs and cats per household, introduces new three year and lifetime pet licences, regulates outdoor cats and provides tougher penalties for owners found to have a vicious dog.

“We are grateful for the tremendous support and feedback of Council, local pet owners and the animal welfare and rescue community during the preparation of this by-law,” said Melissa Laalo, Greater Sudbury Animal Care and Control By-law Coordinator. “The city’s animal control by-law had not undergone a substantial review in more than 15 years. Reopening the discussion provided an excellent opportunity to reflect the values of our community and to create a balance between safety and enjoyment for all residents.”

The new Animal Care and Control By-law includes:

  • Recognition of responsible pet ownership by repealing the limit on the number of dogs and cats permitted per household. There is no limit on the number of dogs and cats which are spayed, neutered and licensed per household. Households with unaltered pets are limited to two licensed dogs and two licensed cats.
  • Improved convenience and cost savings by offering a choice of one year, three year and lifetime dog and cat licences. All dogs and cats older than 12 weeks must be licensed in the City of Greater Sudbury.
  • Regulation of outdoor cats by permitting roaming provided the cat is vaccinated, microchipped, licensed, spayed or neutered. The by-law obliges owners to ensure their cats are not causing a nuisance, damaging property or creating excessive noise while outdoors.
  • Tougher penalties if an investigation results in the finding of a vicious dog. Consequences under municipal by-law include orders to muzzle, restrain and microchip the dog, to maintain a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance and to post a visible sign warning of the presence of a vicious dog.
  • Enforceable regulations to preserve the health and well-being of cats and dogs, including sufficient food and water, proper enclosures and tethers, sanitary environments, leash requirements, and protection from teasing or tormenting.
  • Partnerships with animal welfare and rescue groups for adoption of homeless dogs and cats and for the management of feral cat colonies through a trap, neuter, microchip and release program.

Greater Sudbury By-law Compliance and Enforcement Officers work seven days a week and evenings to follow-up on complaints about potential infractions of the municipal animal control by-law. Residents may dial 3-1-1 to register a question or complaint or TTY: 705-688-3919.

Details about the By-law to Regulate the Keeping of Animals, Responsible Pet Ownership and the Registration of Dogs and Cats are available online at Residents who do not have access to a personal computer may visit their nearest Greater Sudbury Public Library for assistance.