Maley Drive Speed Limit Reduction Extended in Construction Zone

Sep 27, 2017

Due to ongoing construction and in order to ensure the safety of road construction workers, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, the City of Greater Sudbury is extending the reduction of the speed limit in the designated construction zones on MR 80, north of Turner Avenue. This is the current construction site for the Maley Drive/Notre Dame interchange.

The speed limit will continue to be reduced in this area from the posted regulatory speed for the remainder of the construction contract, which has been extended until December 1, 2017

Drivers are reminded that the reduced speed limit in this construction zone may be enforced by Greater Sudbury Police at any time of day. When workers are present in the designated construction zone, the fine for speeding doubles.


The Highway Traffic Act (128(8.1) and (10) gives authority to persons appointed by the municipality to designate a highway or portion of a highway as a construction zone in order to set a lower rate of speed for drivers. The City’s Delegation By-law (2017-225) authorizes the General Manager of Growth and Infrastructure or the Director of Roads and Transportation to designate construction zones within the city and to set the speed limit.