Emergency Notification System Testing in Lively and Copper Cliff

Jul 5, 2017

The City of Greater Sudbury will be performing a test of the Sudbury Alerts Emergency Notification System on Wednesday, July 12, 2017. Residents in the Lively and Copper Cliff areas, as well as anyone who entered those areas in their profile upon registration, will receive a test notification on that day.

There are several reasons residents in the area will receive a notification on July 12. The City has collected public home and business phone numbers. If you live in Lively or Copper Cliff and your home or business is publicly listed, you will receive a test notification. If you signed up to receive emergency notification either via text, email, TTY or mobile number via the City’s website and included a Lively or Copper Cliff address as an area you’d like to receive notifications about, you will also receive a test notification that day.

When you receive your test notification, you will also receive instructions on how to proceed. You may be asked to respond to a message as a verification of receipt.

Please do not call 311 or 911 when you receive your test notification.

If you have not yet signed up for Sudbury Alerts, you may do so at any time at www.greatersudbury.ca/sudburyalerts

In the event that an actual emergency occurs on July 12, the word TEST will not be part of the messaging. Instead, the message will give specific details of an emergency and how you should proceed.  The test message will be clearly marked with the word TEST in written form and emphasized in voice recordings.

About Sudbury Alerts:
The City of Greater Sudbury in partnership with Glencore, Greater Sudbury Police Services, Greater Sudbury Utilities, the Sudbury & District Health Unit and Vale launched  Sudbury Alerts in February 2017.  This notification system will alert residents of a potential hazard or concern that is considered an imminent threat to public safety. The system, built by Everbridge, allows residents to receive emergency alerts on their home phone, cell phone, TTY service, fax number or email address. 

Sudbury Alerts will act in conjunction with the City’s emergency management program for the protection and safety of residents.

A funding agreement with Vale covered the cost of the software.

For more information about Sudbury Alerts, please visit the website at www.greatersudbury.ca/sudburyalerts