City Releases First Annual Report to the Community: Greater Together in 2016

May 30, 2017

For Immediate Release                       
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

City Releases First Annual Report to the Community: Greater Together in 2016

The City of Greater Sudbury is pleased to release its first year in review, Greater Together in 2016, a graphic document highlighting accomplishments related to City services, programs and activities.

Greater Together in 2016 is a visual report card, outlining City service and program highlights from 2016, based on the four pillars of Council’s 2015-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan, Greater Together: Growth and Economic Development; Quality of Life and Place; Responsive, Fiscally Prudent, Open Governance; and Sustainable Infrastructure.

“We wanted to share our accomplishments and showcase how these achievements relate directly to the priorities Council established in 2015,” said Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger. “We’re proud of our success and we look forward to continuing to provide strong quality of service, and quality of life, for our community.” 

Each year, the City continues to improve services for residents in a number of ways. In 2016, our city made strides in infrastructure projects that included improvements to roads, bridges, culverts, and water and sewer systems. Businesses were helped to grow and expand, our community experienced a booming film industry, regreening efforts grew, healthy living programs and energy efficient initiatives were increased, and advancements in technology and the way we communicate with residents were made. 

“Greater Together in 2016 shows the relationship between services, service levels and what residents are getting for their tax dollars,” said Ed Archer, Chief Administrative Officer. "I'm proud of these results and appreciate the trust Council placed in our staff to produce them. Our plans for 2017 are just as ambitious and focused on adding value, so I expect future annual reports to the community to include even more success stories.” 

Greater Together in 2016 is available in electronic format on the City’s website at A print document is available upon request. 

Fun fact: The release of Greater Together in 2016 coincides with the one year anniversary of City CAO Ed Archer. 

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