Water Update Highway 69 North (MR 80)

Jun 30, 2016

The City will be continuing repairs to a watermain break on Highway 69 North (MR 80) at Dominion Drive on Friday July 1 from noon until the work is complete. The south bound lane will be reduced to one lane from Dominion Drive to Dutrisac Boulevard. Residents in Capreol, Valley East, Azilda and Chelmsford are encouraged to limit water consumption to essential needs only. It is requested that residents not use water for lawn watering, washing vehicles, or washing driveways. 

Howard Armstrong will be open on Saturday, July 2 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. for those residents affected by the water outage for showers, washroom access and to fill water jugs. 
The Howard Armstrong splash pad will also be closed on Friday, July 1 until watermain repairs are complete.

Residents who notice discoloured water once the repair is fixed are asked to run the cold water tap closest to their water meter for several minutes until water is clear of any sediment from water pipes. In the event of prolonged discoloration or low water pressure, residents are asked to call 3-1-1.

The City will advise residents as information becomes available and we thank you for your continued patience.