Residents of New Sudbury Advised of Potential for Low Water Pressure On October 6 and 7

Oct 5, 2016

Residents of New Sudbury, may notice low water pressure on Thursday, October 6 and on Friday, October 7 during scheduled water pressure testing at the Moss and Montrose Booster Stations. Water may also be visible on the roads in the area of the pressure testing. Booster Stations are connected to the drinking water system and are used to boost the clean water to the distribution system at desired water pressures.

Affected areas will include, Moss Street, Attlee Avenue, Grandview Boulevard, Beaumont Avenue, Thorncliffe Court, Forestdale Drive, Gardenvale Court, Ivydale Court, Cassandra Court and possibly Inglewood Court.

Residents who notice discoloured water once water pressure is restored are asked to run the cold water tap closest to their water meter for several minutes until water is clear of any sediment from water pipes. In the event of prolonged discoloration or low water pressure, residents are asked to call 3-1-1.

The City of Greater Sudbury thanks residents for their patience and cooperation.