Changes to Pool Enclosure By-law

Jun 7, 2016

For immediate release
Tuesday, June 7, 2016

In order to meet industry standards, the City of Greater Sudbury has consolidated its Pool Enclosure By-law from seven by-laws that were in effect pre-amalgamation to one by-law (2016-91) for the entire municipality.

The Pool Enclosure By-law has been created primarily for the protection of young children. Unlike natural water features such as rivers and creeks, pools don't have a gradual slope upon entry or exit and therefore can put children at risk. A proper pool enclosure can deter a child from accessing a potentially dangerous play area.

Passed by Greater Sudbury Council on May 31, 2016, the new by-law is now in effect.

The Pool Enclosure By-law states that:

  • All existing and new pool enclosure gates that adjoin any publicly used space must be locked when not being used.
  • .A temporary snow fence must surround an in-ground or semi in-ground pool during construction.
  • Seasonal, outdoor pools that are removed at the end or during the summer months and that can hold a minimum of 24 inches of water will require an enclosure permit even if it is already in use.  However, once the inspection is approved the first time, no other permit will be required as long as the provisions of section 8 of this By-Law are adhered to.
  • .Hot tubs and spas that are covered with permanently attached lids do not need a permit for operation as long as the lids are properly installed.
  • .The vertical walls of an above ground pool can form part of a pool enclosure if all of the following requirements are followed;
  1. The vertical walls of the above ground pool are at least 52 inches in height and do not have any horizontal bars that may facilitate climbing.
  2. Any steps, ladders or other means of entry to the outdoor swimming pool are protected by a swimming pool enclosure which complies with the requirements of section 27 of this By-Law
  3. Pool pumps, filters or other equipment or material cannot be attached to or be within 3 feet of the pool enclosure 

For more information regarding the Pool Enclosure By-law, please visit our website at or call 3-1-1.