Boat Washing Demonstration and Invasive Species Information Session

Jun 23, 2016

For Immediate Release                                      
Thursday, June 23, 2016

The City of Greater Sudbury Lake Water Quality Program and the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance held a boat cleaning demonstration this afternoon to raise awareness about aquatic invasive species and how to prevent them from spreading to other bodies of water.

Local aquatic invasive species include Spiny Waterflea, and the Eurasian Water Milfoil. These plants impact our waterways and recreational activities, such as boating, fishing and swimming. They displace native vegetation, slow down water flow and alter oxygen levels.

In November 2014, Ontario reintroduced the proposed Invasive Species Act, to support the prevention, early detection, rapid response and eradication of invasive species in the province.

You can help prevent the spread of unwanted aquatic plant species by following some simple guidelines:

•    Learn to identify aquatic invasive plant species that are a threat to Ontario.
•    Inspect your boat, trailer, and equipment after each use. Remove all plants, animals, and mud before moving to a new waterway.
•    Buy native or non-invasive plants from reputable garden suppliers. 
•    Report all sightings to the Invading Species Hotline 1-800-563-7711 or online
•    Download a copy of Help Foil Invasive Species - Eurasian Watermfoil information card here

For more information regarding invasive species and how you can protect our waterways, visit the City’s website