Population Health

Strengthening the high quality of life we already know and love is a strategic priority of Council. Many variables come into play to build a community that is inclusive, resilient and sustainable, but the basic foundation rests with the well-being of individuals. The priorities identified for population health are fundamental to achieve progress.

Population Health Priorities

Ten priorities for population health in Greater Sudbury were determined following community consultations in 2017 and have been endorsed by City Council:

  1. Flexible learning opportunities for Indigenous youth
  2. Skill building to encourage resiliency
  3. Support networks for children, youth and families
  4. Sensitivity and inclusion to promote mental health
  5. Compassion to create a welcoming and supportive environment
  6. Accessible opportunities for all ages to play
  7. Affordable and available housing
  8. Holistic health to shift focus from treatment to prevention
  9. Age-friendly strategies for a safe and accessible community
  10. Active and sustainable outdoor urban spaces

2018 Consultation with Community Representatives

Community representatives gathered at the Garson Community Centre and Arena on June 20, 2018 to share ideas for population health strategies that will influence change through public policy and prevention.

The City of Greater Sudbury hosted the daylong event, which included keynote speakers Robin Mazumder, a doctoral candidate who uses virtual reality to examine how people experience cities, and Jill Officer, Women’s Olympic Curling Gold Medallist, who spoke of the importance of personal resiliency.

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