Greater Sudbury's Newest Off-leash Dog Park Officially Open

Nov 26, 2020

York K9 Club Board Members, Daryl Park with Stella, Dan Skwarok, and Derry McTaggart with Bess.

Deb McIntosh, Councillor for Ward 9, and Dan Skwarok, President of the York K9 Club, are joined by Stella (right) and Keeghan (left). 

We are pleased to welcome the canine community to Greater Sudbury’s third off-leash dog park located in the South End, beside the Gerry McCrory Countryside Sports Complex.  

Development of an off-leash dog park to serve residents of the South End was identified in the action plan as part of the City of Greater Sudbury Parks, Open Space and Leisure Master Plan Review.

The York K9 Club fundraised $3,500 for the capital improvements of the park with the City contributing $46,400. The volunteer group will be responsible for maintaining park cleanliness and ensuring users follow the park rules and etiquette.

“On behalf of our dog walking community, I want to thank the York Street K9 Club for initiating this project and for taking on an active role in the operation of the new off-leash dog park in the South End,” said Deb McIntosh, City Councillor for Ward 9. “These volunteers have worked hard to make this park a reality for our community and we will continue to work together to ensure the park is a great success for everyone.”

The South End Dog Park is the third of its kind in Greater Sudbury, adding to the complement of existing parks in Azilda and Minnow Lake. The new park features:

  • Two fenced enclosures joined by a walking path.
    • One 14,864 square foot enclosure, reserved for small dogs that are less than 25 pounds and less than 15 inches tall;
    • One 38,911 square foot enclosure, reserved for large dogs that are over 25 pounds or over 15 inches tall.
  • A double gated entry/exit at each enclosure for safety.
  • Garbage bins and mutt mitt dispensers.
  • 10 parking spaces, including two spaces reserved for accessible parking.
  • Portable washrooms are currently unavailable due to COVID-19 guidelines, but will be on site at a later date.

Off-leash dog parks provide a dedicated area for pet owners to exercise and socialize their dogs in a controlled area. Parks in Greater Sudbury operate year round from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For locations and hours of local dog parks or for volunteer groups looking to explore the potential for any new off-leash dog park, please visit to learn more.

Due to COVID-19, park users are reminded to wash or sanitize their hands before and after use, and maintain a distance of two metres from others.