Backgrounder Canada and Ontario invest in sustainable public transit for Greater Sudbury residents

Aug 6, 2020

From: Infrastructure Canada

Joint federal, provincial, and municipal funding through the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan will support five public transit projects in the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. These investments will support healthier and more sustainable communities.

The Government of Canada is investing over $39.7 million in these projects through the Public Transit Infrastructure Stream (PTIS). The Government of Ontario is contributing more than $33.1 million, while the City of Greater Sudbury is contributing over $26.4 million.*

Bus fleet replacement program

Purchase of 53 low floor 40-foot buses over eight years to replace the older vehicles in the fleet. The new buses will reduce maintenance costs while providing residents with a modern, safe, and reliable transit experience.

Federal Funding: $13,767,600

Provincial Funding: $11,471,853

Municipal/Other Funding: $9,179,547

Implementation of various technological improvements

A review of transit technological requirements to improve the rider experience and ease of access to services. Following the review, technological improvements will be implemented to include a new electronic fare payment system and on-demand services for transit users in low ridership areas. These improvements will help make the public transit system more convenient and accessible to residents.

Federal Funding: $1,995,000

Provincial Funding: $1,662,334

Municipal/Other Funding: $1,330,166

Traffic signal renewal and transit priority system

Installation of new transportation management and communication technology in the bus fleet, and the replacement of traffic signal controllers at all intersections will ensure a safer and higher quality transit system for all passengers.

Federal Funding: $2,644,400

Provincial Funding: $2,203,446

Municipal/Other Funding: $1,763,154

Greater Sudbury Transit – Major Mobility Hub detailed design and construction

Detailed design and construction of three major mobility hubs located in the centre, downtown and the south end of the city. The new mobility hubs will serve as the primary transfer points for a restructured transit system which will include rapid bus lines to support increased ridership and service needs.

Federal Funding: $10,862,500

Provincial Funding: $9,051,178

Municipal/Other Funding: $7,242,572

Transit priority investments with major stations

Planning, design and construction of bus rapid transit along three corridors to reduce bus travel times, increase transit ridership, and improve operational efficiency. The new corridors will include intersection improvements with dedicated turn lanes for buses, passenger waiting areas and shelters, fare vending machines, passenger information signage, and lighting.

Federal Funding: $10,475,000

Provincial Funding: $8,728,294

Municipal/Other Funding: $6,984,206

*The federal and provincial governments are each contributing the maximum share of eligible costs for these projects, which are 40% and 33.33% respectively as per the requirements of the Canada-Ontario Integrated Bilateral Agreement. Contributions from recipients may include both eligible and ineligible costs. Ineligible costs are expenditures that municipalities have chosen not to request reimbursement for or that cannot be reimbursed (e.g., property purchases, overhead costs). Cost-sharing may differ depending on recipient, such as First Nations communities.