Accessibility Advisory Panel Wishes Everyone a Barrier-Free Halloween

Oct 24, 2019

Over 400,000 children and youth in Canada are living with a disability and face barriers to participation in activities that many take for granted, including trick or treating.

The City of Greater Sudbury’s Accessibility Advisory Panel encourages residents to help make Halloween more inclusive for everyone by taking the following steps to make their property barrier free:

  • Make sure the entrance to the house is cleared and well lit.
  • If there are steps, a long walk to the entrance or crowded conditions, meet trick-or-treaters in the driveway or walkway or at the garage doors.
  • Keep pets away from the area.
  • Avoid using strobe lights and machines or props that make loud noises.
  • Have alternatives to candy on hand, such as stickers, markers or gift vouchers.
  • Allow children to proceed at their own pace and in their own manner.

Residents can let trick-or-treaters know in advance that their property is barrier free by placing an Accessible Trick or Treating sign on their front lawn a few days before Halloween.  A limited number of signs are available free of charge at The Home Depot, located at 1500 Marcus Dr., Sudbury.

Information about Treat Accessibly is available at