New Ambulances Rolling out with the Latest Public Safety Technology

Sep 20, 2018

The City of Greater Sudbury now has three new ambulances and a Supervisory Paramedic Response Unit that are equipped with new visual and auditory technology that is designed to increase the visibility of these first response vehicles as they travel our roads on life-saving missions.

The ambulances are now furnished with BLUE flashing lights in addition to the current red flashing lights. They are also equipped with a new siren that drivers will not only hear but also feel through low frequency sound vibrations emitted by the siren.

Traditionally only found on police vehicles, on July 1, 2018, the Ontario Highway Traffic Act was amended to allow ambulances and fire vehicles to use blue flashing lights.

These measures are designed to get the attention of motorists and improve safety for the general public, our patients, paramedics and firefighters. The human eye sees blue more brightly at night and there will be a contrast with the taillights of other vehicles.

Going forward, blue flashing lights will become standard equipment as the Paramedic and Fire Services get new vehicles.