Community Services Committee Accepts Revisions to Film By-law

Oct 5, 2015

A proposed municipal by-law that defines policies and processes to service a growing local film industry has been accepted by the Community Services Committee for further consideration by Greater Sudbury Council.

Pending Council approval later this fall, a new film by-law and related amendments to road occupancy, delegation and traffic and parking by-laws will come into effect February 1, 2016.

“Council has identified the importance of the local film industry,” said Meredith Armstrong, Greater Sudbury Manager of Tourism and Culture. “Over the past three years, our city’s reputation as a location of choice for film and television has supported the sector in generating more than $45 million in direct spending. The by-law is responsive to an industry that requires fast turnaround of permits and swift service in order to film on municipal property.”

The City of Greater Sudbury supports the film industry by offering a number of services, including Film Liaison staff to assist with identifying locations and other resources for filming, appropriate permits, parking plans, by-law exemptions, modifications to municipal infrastructure, risk and safety management, and more.

The new film by-law incorporates revised policies to address comments and concerns provided by citizens and industry stakeholders, during public consultation over the summer. Examples of new policies include a code of conduct for cast and crew when filming on municipal property, options for recourse in the event of damage to municipal property, and consideration of time of day when filming may be considered disruptive.

Pending adoption of the by-law by Greater Sudbury Council, guidelines, templates, maps and checklists specifically tailored to the needs of the film industry will be developed by staff and brought into practice next year.

The complete report to the Community Services Committee and proposed municipal by-law are available for review at