Reminders to Help Reduce the Risk of Basement Flooding

Oct 16, 2014

Environment Canada is forecasting continued heavy rainfall for Greater Sudbury and vicinity. Conservation Sudbury (Nickel District Conservation Authority) has issued a Flood Watch for all watersheds in the area with reports of extremely high water levels.

Citizens are reminded there are things they can do to reduce the potential of basement flooding:

  • Minimize home water use during heavy rainfall. Do not use washing machines or dishwashers and flush toilets in moderation.
  • If there is a storm sewer grate near your property, check it for debris. If you can remove the debris with a broom or shovel, please do so. If you cannot remove the debris, please contact the City of Greater Sudbury for assistance by dialing 3-1-1.
  • Check your sump pump to ensure it is operating and your sump pit to ensure it is not blocked by debris.
  • Reposition your downspout, if necessary, to direct water away from the foundation and any neighbouring properties.
  • Valuables stored on basement floors should be moved to a safe location if you are concerned about flooding.
  • Know what to do if your basement floods. The City of Greater Sudbury offers sewer back up information on its web site at
  •  The most important thing is protection from electrical shock. Do not enter a flooded basement without rubber boots and do not touch anything metal. Contact your hydro utility and gas utility for disconnects, if necessary. If your basement is flooded with sewage, contact a licensed plumber as a first step.

Instruct your children to stay away from fast moving water. If you encounter a flooded road, do not attempt to drive or walk through the flooded area. If you are in a vehicle surrounded by rising water, leave the vehicle and proceed to safe ground.

Conservation Sudbury (NDCA) will provide updated Watershed Bulletins on its website at as required. Citizens with questions regarding watershed conditions can contact Conservation Sudbury (NDCA) at 705-674-5249.

Citizens are reminded that 9-1-1 should only be dialed to report a crime in progress or a life-threatening emergency situation. Reports of flooding should be directed to the City of Greater Sudbury call centre at 3-1-1, 24 hours a day.