Greater Sudbury Paramedics Honoured with Exemplary Service Medals

Oct 24, 2014

The City of Greater Sudbury is celebrating the achievements four members of the City’s Paramedic Services for being recognized at the National level. The four members have been awarded the Governor General’s Emergency Medical Services Exemplary Service Medal, recognizing over 20 years of meritorious service in the field of pre-hospital emergency medical service.
The four members of Greater Sudbury Paramedic Services honoured include:
•    Paul Cook, Primary Care Paramedic;
•    Brian Marsh, Advanced Care Paramedic;
•    Gino St. Jean, Advanced Care Paramedic/ Platoon Training Officer;
•    Tom Isaia, Commander of Education and Logistical Support.

The recipients were presented with their medals by Major General Richard Rohmer at the recent Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC) Annual General Meeting.
“To be recognized in this way is a huge accomplishment for any paramedic,” said Tim Beadman, Chief of Fire and Paramedic Services. “I am extremely proud of Paul, Brian, Gino and Tom for their commitment to emergency care and their years of outstanding service to this community.”
Born and raised in Sudbury, Paul Cook graduated from Cambrian College’s Ambulance and Emergency Care Program in 1985 and joined the Sudbury and District Ambulance Service the same year. Paul spent the early part of his career as part of the medical crew on Sudbury’s Air Ambulance. He has also worked and volunteered his time teaching paramedic students.

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Brian Marsh is a graduate of Cambrian College’s Ambulance and Emergency Care Program, class of 1977. Brian went on to become Coordinator of the program from 1996 to 1997. He also spent time as the Advanced Care Coordinator at Base hospital. Brian has also spent time furthering his education having also earned a Degree in Economics from Laurentian University.
Gino St. Jean is about to celebrate his 25th year with the City’s Paramedic Services. Previous to that he spent 10 years with the Sudbury and District Land Ambulance Service. Gino graduated from Cambrian College in 1989 as a Primary Care Paramedic and went on to gain his Advance Care Paramedic status in 2004. He has spent time as a preceptor as well as a professor at Collège Boréal’s Paramedic Program. Recipient of an honorary Doctorate from Laurentian University in 2010, Gino continues helping others in the community and is currently the Service's Platoon Training Officer.  
Tom Isaia is a graduate of Centennial College’s Basic Life Support Program, class of 1991. A year after graduating, he made the move north from Toronto to Sudbury having joined the Sudbury and District Land Ambulance Service. Tom joined the City’s Paramedic Service in 2000. He also spent time as a Paramedic with Sudbury’s Air Ambulance and as a member of the Safety First Aid section with the mines. Tom has spent time as a Professor at Cambrian College’s Advanced Life Support Program. Tom has worked his way up the ranks and currently holds the position of Commander of Education and Logistical Services.

The Governor General awards the Exemplary Service Medal for Emergency Medical Services professionals through its Canadian Honours System.  The Exemplary Service Medal honours those who have performed their duties in an exemplary manner, characterized by the highest standards of good conduct, industry and efficiency. The medal is available to eligible professionals who have provided pre-hospital emergency medical service for at least 20 years.  To qualify, those nominated must have served at least 10 years on street level duty, placing their own lives and safety at risk to protect others.

Photo Caption:
Left to Right - Paul Cook, Primary Care Paramedic; Tom Isaia, Commander of Education and Logistical Support; Chief Tim P. Beadman, Fire and Paramedic Services, Major General Richard Rohmer; Gino St. Jean, Platoon Training Officer; Brian Marsh, Advanced Care Paramedic; Ryan Barnes, Platoon Superintendent.