Before the Meeting

  • Prepare your presentation. Community Delegations may choose to present their information to Council or Committee in the form of a PowerPoint presentation; however, electronic presentations are not required. 
  • Community Delegations have a maximum of 10 minutes to speak at meetings of Council and Council Committees, however, at Public Input Meetings; speakers are limited to five (5) minutes.
  • As a general rule, one PowerPoint slide is equal to approximately one minute of speaking time. 
  • Provide any background materials to Clerk’s Services at least one week before the meeting to allow time for duplication.
  • Provide any visual aids, such as PowerPoint presentations to Clerk's Services at least one day before the meeting. 

It is the Community Delegation's responsibility to ensure that prior to submission of presentation materials to the City of Greater Sudbury, consent has been obtained for the Collection of Personal Information and use of pictures and their disclosure to the general public in print, digital, electronic, audio or any other format.

By submitting information, including print or electronic information, for presentation to City Council or Committee you are indicating that you have obtained the consent of persons whose personal information is included in the information to be disclosed to the public.

Please be advised that this is a public process. The City of Greater Sudbury livestreams meetings of Council and Committees and any materials submitted including pictures, presentations, written submissions, etc., will form part of the public agenda. All agenda content is a permanent record of the corporation.