Pool Policies

Onaping Pool is CLOSED from May 17th, 2024 until September 3rd, 2024.

Pool Policies

Holiday Closures

Refund Policy

COVID-19 Update

Pools are operating at full capacity. Visitors may continue to book reservations in advance but may also attend without a reservation for scheduled programs/classes.  As we continue to return to pre-COVID schedules, please check the facility program schedule for your swim options.

Masks are no longer required in leisure facilities. While masks are optional, individuals should assess their situation to determine what is best for them.

While the City no longer requires proof of vaccination, some facility permit holders or groups with leases may choose to maintain these requirements and will be responsible for checking proof of vaccination for their participants. These users should check with their specific group to confirm entry requirements.

Admission Standards for all Recreational Swims and Pool Rentals


Any child 6 years and under must be accompanied by an adult (16 +) and always within arms’ reach. The same rules apply to children between 7-10 years who are non-swimmers.

Swim Test Required:

Any child between 7-10 years must perform and successfully pass the swim test. If they do not pass, they must be accompanied by an adult (16+) and be within arms’ reach at all times.

Strong swimmer:

Any child who has successfully passed the swim test can swim anywhere in the pool, unaccompanied.

There’s a new way to register for leisure programs or book a facility. It’s easy to create an account! If you need help getting started, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.



The French interface of our new registration system is still under development, however it is important that the City goes live with the new system as the existing registration and facility booking system is no longer supported by the vendor. Residents can still receive this service in French by calling 311 to have a French-speaking operator process bookings or registrations. The French interface will be launched in time for the fall/winter registration period.