The Roads and Transportation Division’s principle responsibility is to provide a road network system that is safe and efficient for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The Division is also responsible for storm drainage systems across the City. They do this by providing maintenance systems and services through a combination of technical engineering and operating staff and private contractors. These services are deployed from five major depots throughout the City.

The Division is broken up into four major areas of responsibility:

  1. Traffic and Transportation, which handles transportation planning, vehicle and pedestrian control systems, signage, corridor control, accident and complaint tracking, and development review.
  2. Drainage, which is responsible for off roadway storm sewer and drainage systems, including water quantity and quality, municipal and agricultural drains and development review.
  3. Roads, which is responsible for planning and capital construction within the roadway including roadway improvements, rehabilitation, drainage, bridges, lighting and pedestrian systems.
  4. Operations and Maintenance, which is responsible for summer and winter maintenance of the road network system including drainage to ensure it’s continued and safe operation.