Ms. Holub Exercises

      Jennifer Holub is an elementary school Physical Education teacher in Greater Sudbury, leading quick and fun indoor exercise games for kids. No special equipment is needed and these activities can be done in a small space.

      Read more about Ms. Holub in this "Awesome Educators" feature: Pandemic inspired Adamsdale P.S. gym teacher Jen Holub’s quirky kids’ exercise videos

      Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth: Ages 5-17

      Children and youth in this age group need to sweat, step, sit and sleep the right amount each day for optimal health. Benefits of encouraging kids to sit less and move more include improved fitness and overall health, maintaining a healthy body weight, growing stronger, feeling happier and learning new skills. In fact, Everything gets better when you get active. 

      YGym Virtual Physical Activity For Kids
      Free Physical Activity Anytime, Anywhere!

      Welcome to YGym - a free healthy community program for young people and families across Canada! YGym is instructed by YMCA certified fitness instructors and features content based on YMCA Canada's Health & Fitness Programs and Canada's Physical Activity Guidelines.

      YGym is designed for children of varying ages and abilities.  Physical activity is an important part of a daily routine.  Make YGym part of your day for healthier families and a healthier Canada!

      YGym Ages 5-9

      YGym Ages 10-15


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